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Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend

Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend #TED : http://on.ted.com/rPRK

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We live in an age, and don’t ask me why, where we are surrounded by suffering, disease, death, depression, anxiety, death of God, too many mental health disorders and behavioral … Continue reading

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Dependency – It’s Not “Bad”

I find that, for the most part, everyone I speak to is very centered around independence. Everyone (general statement, here) likes to completely think for themselves, make their own decisions, … Continue reading

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Needs vs Desire

Need: verb   require (something) because it is essential or very important. expressing necessity or obligation. noun   circumstances in which something is necessary, or that require some course of … Continue reading

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Do what you Love; what feeds your spirit, your soul, your Self, your heart, your mind.

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Power is REAL. And YOU have power over your own life. No matter what anyone tells you, if you want to be something, someone, some way, some how, some where, … Continue reading

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How figures throughout history have assaulted, and altered, our perception of God and Self. (part 6 of 6)

Sigmund Freud (May 6, 1856 – September 23, 1939) Sigmund Freud was on of the founders of what the modern world considers psychology. Obsessed with the unconscious mind and it’s … Continue reading

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